Week 38: Chorizo, October 24, 2016

So my favorite Argentine food so far is probably Chorizo. Its just super chunky fatty sausage thats mostly pork? and is super delicious. We´re gunna buy some today so.

This week we commited a family to baptism! If they come to know that these things are true! Haha. Which they will of course, because these things are true. Her name is Griselda, his is Miguel. I dont think theyre married, so were gunna have to get em married first of course, but they have two kids, Gonzalo and Daira, who are 12 and 15, and we´re super jacked about em.
Well we didnt find anyone else to teach this week and we had to drop a few investigators so thats never fun, but we did a bunch of contacts and this week we have exchanges with the zone leaders so hopefully well be able to pick it back up a bit!
This Sunday we had Stake Conference and the Mission President and his wife spoke and it was pretty cool. We got up early to go get investigators and less actives cuz there was a rented bus that passed by their houses, but they still didnt come haha. All good though, we put our forces in and thats all the Lord asks.
We also went Bowling with the District this last week for the activity, but i didnt bring my camera so hopefully my companion will send me some. More snails. Also since i have no good pictures i took one of the TV here in the Internet Cafe of the TV. On the side it says ´Killing for Sport´. Welcome to Argentina. I have no idea what a coto de caza is though.

Love you!

Elder Gibson