Week 36: White. October 10, 2016

Well, some poeple have been gettin quite the kick out of Elder Funk and Elder Gibson being companions, usually only those special Argentines who know a bit about American music. Including this one guy we found who makes tiny metal sculptures and speaks and understands English. It was weird but super funny cuz he knows cusswords too.
Anyway yeah we´ve been contacting a ton, meaning we just meet people and testify and invite then to act. We´ve found a couple new people to teach and we´re excited about that.
We´ve been working super hard and I love it. I really feel like if we keep up the exact obedience and hard work we will see miracles, in our lives and in the lives of those we teach. Our area has a lot of opportunity and we´re excited about it.
Here are a couple pictures Elder Funk took of me, just normal missionary life here. Its still weird having a companion that understands English almost perfectly. I say almost because we´ve both been talking Spanish for a while now and our English is slowly slipping away.
Not much to report on this week, but the Hermana Shepard, who was in Las Flores during my training, got transferred into our ward, so were in the same ward again! Shes awesome and its cool to see how we both have progressed in our language and work ethic.
I love you all and I hope youre all enjoying life, even though its super tiring at times! Have a great week!

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Love you!

Elder Gibson