Week 30: Banfield, Todavia. August 29, 2016

Yep, still here in Banfield! its got some super sketchy parts, but the ward is awesome and big and my companion is awesome! We work hard and eat pretty good. This week looks like its gunna be low on lunches with the members, but every tuesday we go with the same family who also washes our clothes for us. i just left a sack of dirty whatever and on sunday they gave me a bag of perfectly ironed, clean, and not smelly clothes folded and everything. best day of my life. even the socks.

so this week Elder Alan F Packer of the 1st quorom of the 70 was here and on Friday we went and had a conference with him and 2 of the other zones. it was super awesome and tiring. he taught us alot about the mission and teaching and our purpose and stuff, and he did it all in spanish which is impressive, most of those guys dont speak spanish i think. it was also cool to see some of my best elder friends here in the mission like my stepson elder bonifaz and this other chabon named mcmillan.
we took this foto on sunday with my companion, ill probably try to get a photo or two every week here of whatever i can but i dont take my camera with me everywhere here like las flores haha.
i love you all, the church is true and you should probably get with the program so you can have a solid life here and a crazy dope one after we die.

Love you!

Elder Gibson