Week 25: July! July 25, 2016

We´re already gettin to August which is nuts. That means all you children will soon be back in the classroom. That also means that we might be warm pretty soon here.

Well the paraguayan who came to church way too late came way too early this sunday so we were kinda bummed about that, hes super awesome.

The system for reimbursements broke down so we might not have anything but personal money for food and travel for a couple days. kinda sucks cuz im running out but i dont wanna ask my companion to use his money. We spent a lot of time at a lot of different banks for him to finally withdraw some money his family had sent him. Hes from very humble beginnings. But to celebrate his being able to withdraw the money we went to a huge buffet on our way home from visa jenk. Id send pictures but its not havin it today.  So more stuff for next week haha.

Were gunna focus on family home evenings this week, because the members are excited to work, the investigators and whatnot are willing to and need to become friends with the few members we have, and so were just gunna start throwing them together in the house of whoever we can. Pretty excited.

This last week we were able to work alot, but its been extra freezing cold lately so its been a little more of a sacrifice haha. Also despite the cold more people are out on the street at night, so my companion hasnt been sleeping well. Just impressive the amount of children and whatnot walking outside our pension like its a summer day.

I invite you all to enjoy the summer! Especially the heat! And also the chance to have family home evenings!

Love you!

Elder Gibson