Week 24: Crazy Awesome. July 18, 2016

Well i hope my mom finds a way to send the pictures I sent her about what we did for PDay today. Also I mentioned the museum last week, and after cyber i realized i had not sent the pictures, so i probably will next week. Dont worry, the museum exists, we actually went, tenga fe (have faith).

So what we did today was we just got on the bikes and rode North. We hit campo pretty quick, and from then on and on the way back we got some solid pictures. Got a couple bonus ones down here.
This last week we were out of the area again for District Leader Training and visa stuff. But we had an investigator almost come to church! We called him a little before sacrament meeting and he said hed be there, but he came an hour late cuz he misheard the time. His name is Ángel Malo  (yes that means Bad Angel) hes from Paraguay, he had a crazy life, but now he lives with his wife and son here in Las Flores, he´s super awesome though.
We´re excited to be able to work this week, and to get to know our District  tomorrow in the first district meeting of the new transfer. The only thing that changed is Elder Jessons new companion, Elder Aramayo, argentino. also theres only 6 of us now at the end of the world here.

What we climbed to get some of the shots.
Not sure you can see all the sheeps in the back, but it was dope.
We found this crazy skeleton. My companion said it was from a giant turtle, cuz the top of the skull and the ribcage are on the same side haha. Who knows.
This sign here says danger, gas. Yet I am still unclear on what exactly its telling us.
Saw this guy doin stuff.

Love you!

Elder Gibson

He then sent this email and pics:

Lehi’s Dream pt 1:

Lost in the dark and dreary wasteland

Angels that guided us to the strait and narrow path.
The Iron Rod (and what it leads to super zoomed in)
The  filthy rivers



And then this email:

Lehi’s Dream pt 2: