Week 23: Howdydo? July 11, 2016

Transfers this week! Were stayin here! Both me and Elder Gonzales arent changing a bit, which I´m pretty glad for. I didnt want to move or leave Las Flores just yet. To celebrate we ate 2 big ol pizzas on the roof of our neighbors house. Pictures attached (i hope).

What did change was our district. Now its only two elders in Cañuelas, Elder Jesson from Pennsylvannia, and my best friend Elder Bonifaz from Spain is leaving, i think hes gunna be in the same district as my last companion and ´dad´ Elder Derbez.
The Hermanas Muñoz from Spain and Chappel from America are staying in Monte, where Sister Chappel will finish her training and Sister Muñoz will die and return home honorably.
Im gunna send a ton of pictures of what we did today. This morning for our P-Day we went to a museum here in Las Flores. They have an impressive amount of history and fossils and stuff like that. Pictures and commentary to come.
We´ve been working a lot with this 22 year old who has drug problems named Laureano, he thinks im an angel, but we love him and are excited to teach him. We´ve been focusing a lot on helping everyone we teach, members or not, to pray, read, and go to church. I had to think about that to translate it for a second haha. These 3 things are basic, and if someone does them with real intent, all things will be made known unto them, pertaining to this life and the next. All things. Pretty great for a little bit of effort.
The Branch has been working a lot recently, with the Elders quorum going and visitng less actives and stuff, and were super excited for it! Baptisms are very common in my mission, because the members are super helpful, except for Las Flores and a few other areas haha. Mostly because were so few here. But were still goin!
The times flyin, I love you all, keep being awesome and spending time together and with family! Jesus Christ is alive and he leads our church today! Doctrine and Covenants 122 really puts the atonement into perspective. Great section.

Love you!

Elder Gibson