Week 22: Halfway through 2016? July 4, 2016

Today to celebrate 4th of July we had a District Activity, where we went to the lake here in las flores and ate a bunch of choripan (chorizo, which is like fat delicious brautwurst, and pan which is bread haha) and played futbol and messed around and we brought a ton of potatos prepped cuz i was gunna make mashed potatos for the district but we didnt have time and also ran out of coals ): all good though. ya see on sunday the elderes de cañuelas came and stayed the night and we had a little 4th of july party. its elder bonifaz from spain and elder jesson from pennsylvannia, so he knew what was going on atleast. ill send pictures next week, we used elder jessons camera mostly. attached are pictures of the district at the lake.

we met our new mission president this week! he didnt really change any rules (i hoped he would tell us we could drink mate with people in there houses, but he didnt). and im not sure were gunna have transfers this next week on time, but the guy is Presidente Calquin de Chile and him and his wife are super funny and awesome and excited! Im also excited to work with him and see where he takes me and the mission..
we also had splits with the zone leaders! but all 4 of us worked here in las flores haha. they slept in for quite awhile, maybe cuz we stayed up talking a lot, but we still were able to leave and work at 10.
well, i realized this week that as a branch here in las flores its very hard to get the work going compared to other areas in the mission, and i just want to invite you all to enjoy having big wards up there in boise! with activities and lots of members! it really makes a Zion up there and we are really blessed for it!

Love you!

Elder Gibson