Week 21: Time Flies! June 27, 2016

We´re already nearing the end of the transfer, which is crazy! Neither of us know whats gunna happen next, cuz a couple spots for Zone Leaders are opening up, and my companion has been a DL for awhile now haha. But none of that is as crazy as the fact that our new Mission President arrives tomorrow! As soon as he steps foot in the mission hes the president, so who knows what hes gunna change! probably not much, especially out here in the boonies. Is that phrase used correctly? Who knows, chau English! (chau means goodbye here).

As you know we werent in Las Flores much this week, but we still were able to work during the weekend! Except on Sunday argentina played chile, a huge rivalry, so there wasnt alot of reception from the people, but i think they lost cuz there wasnt any partying last night. We have a couple new investigators though! One of them is the family is this teenager who used to be taught by the sister missionaries! They dont read much but theyre pretty solid and receptive and were excited! Also one of our investigators said he read a part of the BoM but we havent been able to talk about it much yet haha. Also our entire branch presidency came to church this sunday so that was good. We also are teaching this young guy who told us he likes to smoke weed once in a whileand drinks a lot but he has a lot of questions about religion and life and lost his mom young and were excited about him too.
Ethans birthday was on the 24th.
Ive been a little under the weather and have had to delve (word?) into personal money for traveling and to keep us fed at minimum lately, but were still goin! Were still laughing and still working, and we still cant count our blessings with all our dedos! (dedo is finger and dedo de pie is toe)
We found this dope animal by the lake where were planning a district activity. Apparently the meat is really good, but we have to pay to hunt them, so that sucks.
Obviously im gunna write more about my best pal Ethan! I know he usually smells decently crude, and his hair and ´beard´ are somewhat of a disgrace, but he´s an Eagle Scout! Im not. Hes awesome though, he has a successful company at 15 years of age, and he can sometimes make me laugh, and hes a good brother to winston, and a great cousin, and his heads on strait when he wants it to be, I love him, and I hope he´s gone before I get back, partly because the mission is the best and no one oughtta put it off! That just gives Satan a bigger window to slowly ruin your life! I love you Ethan, dont be stupid! Happy Birthday.
One last thought. I read Jacob 5 today, one of my favorite chapters cuz I like to analyze things and also ive had to work to keep alot of trees looking good and alive, anyway, it talks a lot about the servant (us) and the master (God). It can be intrepreted many ways, but I like to think that all of us as his servant may have to work just us and him, against seemingly unlikely chances, but in the end theres always a way to bring forth and enjoy good fruit. I invite you to read the end of that chapter and apply one thing to how you can become a better servant and reap the pages of blessings that are promised.

Love you!

Elder Gibson