Week 20: Still Crazy! June 21,2016

So this week were able to be in Las Flores working for most of the week! I made a list of references, old investigators, new investigators, and less actives and put em all in order of where they lived and weve been going down the list trying to contact them all and contacting on the way! its a lot easier to do walking haha. I call it the Black List, and i taught my companion how to say that. Ive been teaching him English a lot, he really wants to learn.

Well the bad news is, we came to Cañuelas yesterday night and had a zone conference this morning, and we have visa crap in buenos aires in thursday so were staying here until then, cuz im sick of using personal money for all this traveling! haha. Also our President, President Thurgood from Idaho, is done! On the 28th he finishes his 3 year calling! I love him and his wife, hes probably gunna be called as a general authority, allthough he wouldnt admit it.
So the good news is we will recieve a new, excited president from Chile! were all excited to meet him and see what he changes in the mission. itll be kinda hard, but hopefully itll all calm down so we can just work for awhile haha.
Not much time but heres some long overdue pictures! I love you all!

My companion and I and our pension! Theres like 3 rooms not pictured, its huge! small water tank though. we often run out of hot water haha.

Love you!

Elder Gibson

Happy Birthday Dad!

The Buenos Aires temple!
Found this argentine flag in the church!

I made banana bread!
The zone in front of the temple!