Week 16: Gettin Busy, May 16, 2016

Well, this week we had quite a few setbacks, but otherwise a lot of work was done.

Our investigator, Bautista, whose mom was recently baptized, was all ready to be baptized on Saturday, but his mom and step-ish dad said they didnt want him taking that big of a life step until he was more sure of it. Not his idea, but I understand theyre worried about him moving on afterwards, like this might be some phase, which is reasonable.
We also began teaching this super old guy named Luis Martinicorena, a friend of Griselda and Bautista, and we got a baptimsal date (had to think about how to say that for awhile), but then later in the week he told us he wasnt ready yet, but hes super bueno.
We also had the Zone Leaders with us for a day this week! We did a lot of contacting and had a few lessons, we learned a lot and are excited to see if we can get some more investigators out of them!
This next week we will host the misioneros viajeros (traveling missionaries). Who are pretty much super obedient, experienced missionaries who will live with us for a week. Were not exactly sure why, but they go around doing this so i guess its our turn! But were super excited!
Me and one of the viajeros are going to be working in the other half of Las Flores. The city is divided down the main road, we have the north/east side. But the President Thurgood is going to take both sisters out this transfer, and Elder Derbez is leaving too, and im recieving an experienced missionary, and we will have all of Las Flores! Were actually moving into the hermanas pension, which is bigger and right in the middle of the town, but were gunna have to learn the area well in the next two weeks, and were gunna have twice as many old investigators and new investigators and less actives and all that, but im super super excited to settle in and go to work! I understand as the senior companion i will have a lot of responsibility, and a giant area, but i could be more excited and i know i can make the Lord proud with this opportunity.
I love you all and I thank you for reading this weekly rant, its all a missionary wants in terms of the people back home! Have an amazing week!

Love you!

Elder Gibson