Week 15: Mother’s Day, May 9, 2016

Had the wonderful opportunity to call my family on Saturday and wish my amazing mom a happy mothers day! My camera didnt work but i was able to see them and talk to them! Im so grateful to have such a loving and supporting and hilarious family, who would all be pretty crappy without my mom keeping us all alive and in check! Everybody who reads this knows without a doubt that my mom is number 1. I love you mom! Keep it up!

Well the dog in the pictures here follows us around everywhere, its name is Job “Slicks” Ratòn (mouse) because its loyal, and a quick little fella. He can beat us on our bikes easily. Anyway he followed us literally across town, probably a good 4 miles, then he followed us back. On the way back we followed the railroads because on the way to, he got physically mauled and attacked by every dog in sight. This is Argentina, there are a lot of dogs, and they like their property.

Well I had my first lesson with a member last week, and this week i had 4 haha, so were excited about that. Also we went to Stake Conference this week. We got up at 4:30 to make the collectivo that our branch rented. Most of our active members went, 3 investigators, and an inactive member and his daughters. It was a great spiritual experience and i did not have a hard time understanding the speakers. We also had the opportunity to hear out mission president and his wife, and the temple president, what a lucky stake!

Its gettin colder, the work is gettin hot, and the font oughtta be filled this week again, so i oughtta have more to report on next week. Love you all! Stay strong! Remember who you are, and dont let it get you down!

Love you!

Elder Gibson