Week 13: Every Missionaries Favorite Email, April 25, 2016

Disculpe (sorry) for last week, internets and computers down here are as you would expect. But all is well! In fact, recently all has been amazing!

This last Saturday we had two baptisms!! Una hermana Griselda who lives single with her 4 sons and 1 daughter, and is a great woman. Here´s a small story to describe how strong she is. She has been in a little pain recently, but it was kinda bad at the baptismal service, but she got baptised and after the service they took her to the Hospital across the street, where her 2 year old son had been this week as well with super inflamed legs, and Griselda´s legs were hurting her too, she might have to have surgery, she was not able to be confirmed on Sunday though.
The other was Alejandro, who lives with his wife (legally married, which is rare) and their little boy. He has progressed quickly, and reads the Book of Mormon a lot despite his distorted eyesight (not sure why, they speak Spanish here and stuff, so I dont catch a lot), and he used to smoke more than a pack a day, but he has succesfully dejó de fumar! (Quit smoking)! Which is a huge blessing and miracle, all his friends and most of his coworkers, and most adult residents of Las Flores, smoke so its tough to say no. He was able to be confirmed this Sunday even though his brothers wedding was Saturday night! Unfortunately the Presidente de Rama didnt invite us to be in the circle with him, so we didnt get to participate haha, but of course we are as happy as ever.
Now I would have weeks of pictures, but my camera died, and I forgot the thing to put the SD card in the computer.
Our District Leader and his new companion, Elder Bonifas, de España, who came on Tuesday to the field, had to come to Las Flores twice this week for the 2 interviews bautismal, which is very expensive as you can guess. He apparently has no food, his monthly asignación is gone, but the travel costs are reimbursable. He had to come twice cuz the first time Griseldas son was in the hospital so she couldnt come. Hospital is more like an intense doctors office here as opposed to what we would think of like an emergency room, so still not great news, but not terribly scary, we also had the opportunity to bless the little boy, Thian, who loves me! And of course I love him.
Well we´re learning new things and improving daily, and we´re just happier and happier. Though it is weird to not be the youngest in our District, Im excited to get more into the culture, language, and of course missionary life routine. But also to see where you guys go with your lives! Also weve been finding a lot of big and little wolf spider things in our pensión recently, so were worried there could be a little giant family somewhere. But we´re alright. Love you all! ¡Godspeed!

Love you!

Elder Gibson