Week 12: (no “big” email!), April 18, 2016

I received an email from Elder Gibson in response to my email, but he did not send his report email that he calls the “big one”. He explains in his email on the next post! I thought I’d share what he sent me:

In my email I shared with him that Winston and I were in a car accident that week! We were very blessed to walk away with only minor injuries. Here’s his repsonse:

Oh man thats crazy! Im so glad you guys made it out almost untouched! thats such a blessing. Wooh thats scary. I can only thank the Lord for protecting you guys, and sending those families to help.
Thank you for the pictures and all! And the video!  Poor Little Win and his foot though haha, he was just looking at some hole in the Wall.
Dang Magellan! Shes just missin her ol buddy. Play the Great Gatsby soundtrack and Shell be back on her feet in no time.
Thats crazy that Alex is gone so soon. I gotta remind him that his future wife has to be interviewed by me over email if not on skype call before they tie the knot.
Thats still crazy about the car accident though. Im just so glad you guys are all okay. I love you guys, youll hear more from me!
I also sent a pic of Winston eating some Skittles. Here was his response:
its been awhile since ive seen that view of that old house …good times. ooh look at those candies on the counter. let me guess, Winston still always wants Candy and fast food? I cant blame him, I´m the same way. Winstons still the cutest though so thats good. haha what a goofball. Mom I have literally almost 50 mosquito bites, all from one night. And this morning and yesterday were rough digestively speaking but I think were good now.
And that was all he sent!