Week 10: Conferencia General, April 4, 2016

Amazing General Conference! I had a hard time understand but I prayed a lot to be able to listen to the Spirit at least, and got a lot of good guidance! Re-read those talks! They were all powerful and we can all get one thing from em that will improve our lives!

Well this last week we were in Adrogué, the mission offices, for Visa stuff. After interviews with the Mission President, we drove down there with him and the Assistants, which was a cool experience, then we stayed two nights in Adrogué. Which wasnt bad except for the mosquitos. My hands and arms are still just covered in bites. My face got some too. And my ears actually, which is wierd. But it was cool. I had the opportunity to go around with the Pensionero whose this awesome guy from Brazil. He pretty much just runs errands for to keep all the pensiones, the houses, of the missionaries in check. Crazy life.
We also did splits in a ´Villa´ (ghetto dangerous area) where we only took books of mormon. I left my watch and glasses and everything behind haha. We didnt have any problems though.
Also I found the March 1997 Liahona, and it has a huge section about the Buenos Aires stakes! It was crzy! It talked about how in 1966 they created the first stake, then 30 years later they had a big thing about it and created the 61st stake, already our stake, Monte Grande, had been created. Richard G Scott was there too I believe. The first Stake President here became a 70 and was at the 30 year thing too! Just cool to read about what was going on the month after I was born. The month before they sent out the Proclamation to the Family to South America as well! I think. Its in Spanish so im not 100% sure haha.
Anyway I love you all and wish you all a good week, keep moving through life and learning to smile about everything! Romans 5:1-5 is a great verse about that as well. ¡Godspeed!

Love you!

Elder Gibson
the mission offices, which are above a huge stake center

big ol spider we found in the offices haha
all over are posters saying ¡FUERA OBAMA! Like, Get out, Obama! Couldnt tell you why, but they were eveywhere in the big city.


more pictures! one today and one when we had no lights haha!