Week 9: Tres Semanas, March 28, 2016

First of all, big welcome home to my brother Wes, big shout out to his dedication and his commiting to live in the wilderness for 50 days, and of course his beautiful beard. Winston is now the only brother who has yet to show off his beard. Yes Ethan, that means I finally admit what you had was, barely, a beard.

Speaking of Winston, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS! TE AMO! You little champ, I loved the pictures, do what I did at about your age and wear your new costume for days at a time. Hahaha im not kidding. We celebrated your birthday by going and getting ice cream. Winston, we didnt have bills payed, we had to travel, we had 0 money, but thanks to your mother i was able to go to the bank and we got ice cream for you, twice! We ate it both times but it was good. White chocolate and dulce de leche.
So we got our lights back. I went on exchanges with Elder Padilla, whose home ward is in the BAS mission haha. He´s a mini missionary. Hes only here for 6 weeks with our District Leader, He doesnt even have his endowments yet haha. He doesnt speak English but we had a good time, and after seeing a “mochilero” (literally translated: backpacker) I convinced him and we went and talked to him. His name is Coco (i think) and I left him a Libro de Mormón.
That night we hung out with the 2 other elders in their city, one is super cool, the other one is super cool too, he´s from Peru, he speaks a tiny bit of english but not enough to understand whats funny about him having songs like The Metal-Tenacious D, Imagine Dragons, Evanescence(?), Ellie Goulding, and Girls-Cyndi Lauper that he listens to hahaha.
Anyway we have interviews with the Mission President tomorrow then we´re traveling all week apparently so im excited and nervous for the interview and sad to leave for a while haha. I love you all! Keep it up! Big shout out to my cousin and best buddy Jack! I miss our good times, I love you, keep being awesome and exploring your talents, and you will never spend your time better than when youre helping others, especially your family.
Theres always long lines of tons of giant ants walking back and forth in Argentina carrying all sorts of oranges and leaves and sandwhiches and stuff to snack on in the big ant parties they have somewhere and its super cool, not sure you can see well.

Love you!

Elder Gibson
Hi mom! I love you! imma send these and upload them while i read emails. i love wess beard

The first one is this little boy named Tean who lives with his mom and 3 brothers and sister who calls me papa and always wants me to hold him. in the picture hes sleeping on one of their beds in a new house with their cat whose neck is super messed up. like it can rotate, but its like at a weird angle the whole time haha
Then we celebrated Winstons birthday! Ill talk about that more later
Also Ill talk about exchanges with Elder Padilla later, but we found these two baby dogs in this dish on all this trash and of course disturbed them to take pictures

Fat pig we saw, terrible picture, I know.

We were excited to finally have money today, but the cheap grocery store had a ton of empty shelves, so we had to go to the more expensive one, but we were still able to have amazing hamburgers with all sorts of sauces thanks to my comp, whose el capo.
At night tons and tons of little beetle things gather under every light and its super gross and cool. Every black spot is one of em here.