Week 8: La Luz de la Obra, March 21, 2016

The title means the Light of the Work. Its ironic because on thursday they cut our electricity. My trainer´s trainer, his last companion, didnt pay the electricity bill in december or february, or the february gas bill, so we might not have a stove or hot water here soon. It costs a lot to travel, and we dont have much money anyway, so we´ve been living without lights and it kinda sucks cuz it slows us down a lot in the morning and night, but we´re alright. We tried to email the Financial people about it but Elder Derbez typed the address wrong so we sent it and more in on Thursday, but we wont get reimbursed until today or tomorrow. After that we should be able to pay all the bills, pay back the Sisters for traveling fees, maybe, and return to a normal budget.

Today we got up around 4:45 to get ready and get on the Chinobus to go to a District Activity. Tonight we´re staying the night in Cañuelas with our District Leader and his mini-missionary companion, from Argentina. Tomorrow Elder Derbez and Elder Escandon (DL) will go back to Las Flores and I will stay here with Elder Padilla (mini-missionary) for a day. Hopefully by Wednesday all will be back to normal. This exchange just happened to fall on this week, so I will hopefully return to a fully operational pensión haha.
The language is coming along! I can understand people a lot better. And we got two bapstimal dates! Due to a bunch of things, there both on the 16 of April, but we´re all excited. One is this single woman Griselda who has 6 sons. We love teaching them, and helping their family grow closer. They all came to church Sunday. The older 2 are 14 and 12, then 6, then a 4 year old daughter, then Tean, whose 2, who loves me and always wants me to hold him. He´s super cute and hilarious. He always says: vamos, which means like we go, or lets go. Holding babies might be against the rules though.
But anyway I love you all and I love all the emails and I love being a missionary and seeing the Gospel touch the lives of others, and especially mine. Im excited to continue to give all my heart, might, mind, and strength to the Lord and see what he makes of me in 2 years. Keep it up! Not sure I can do pictures this week, but we´ll try.

Love you!

Elder Gibson