Week 7: ARGENTINA! March 14, 2016

Wooh! How yall doin? I made it! The flight was long, but it actually felt really short. I didnt sleep at all. I mostly just played Sodoku. It went by quick, but I was super exhausted when I got to BA. First things I noticed were the humidity and how everything is green. Love em both.

So we met the Mission President and his Assistants and wife, and her sister and brother in law who are part of the mission Presidency? Not a hundred percent sure. Anyway, I got assigned Elder Derbez from Mexico! He´s super awesome and speaks a lot of English, which is good and bad. We get a long super well. He just finished his training which makes me scared to be a trainer haha.
But if I get to be in Las Flores, all will be well. I love Las Flores. Me and Elder Derbez have half this little town, and Hermana Shepard form SoCal and Hermana Molinero from Tuceman, Argentina, have the other half! We´re the farthest area out in the mission, so we´ve hardly had much time to do much in our area! We had to go into town (about 7.5-8 hrs roundtrip) 3 times this week, but usually we only do once, so itll be aight.
There´s one ward here, few members, in the stake Monte Grande (i think). A lot of less actives and a lot of people to visit that are either progressing or future investigators. The language is hard, I have a hard time understanding it, but I can clearly see process as I continue to learn, Im not too worried, I just need to practice patience, because I wish I could talk and understand more in lessons and when we visit people.
So Las Flores is great, mission work is great, there´s dogs everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I havent gotten bit yet, but theres only been like one or two close calls. The drivers are nuts, especially when we got into town. But everyones pretty friendly. I´ll send pictures of our actually pretty nice Pensión.
Also the food is great, no problems at all with it, and Elder Derbez is a great chef. Idk how to cook at all. Spices are unheard of here haha, so the flavor of the food is what you get, which isnt bad. Shout out to everyone who emailed me! Ill try to email back, no mucho tiempo. Pictures to come! Love you all! Keep striving to show the Lord that you understand that everything is his, and that everything you give to those around will be returned tenfold, albeit later!
And of course, Happy Birthday Mom!! I love you! Everyone who reads this agrees that youre the best Mom in the world! No doubt about that. Here´s how we celebrated:
 IMG_0681 (1)
Our Pension and my companion! So theres always frogs in our backyard at night, which is super dope. Elder Derbez hates frogs. Also we saw a dog walking around with one of his legs freshly removed a little less than halfway down, that was nuts. Most of the dogs are nice. We have one that I named Jefe today that lives around our Pension. Also we have Bikes! Big surprise. Theyve actually probably wasted more time, because we had to walk to the shop like 4 times before it was opened, and then he got a flat tire twice, anyway…

 IMG_0687 IMG_0686 IMG_0689 IMG_0684 IMG_0690 IMG_0683 IMG_0682