Week 6: He arrives in Argentina! March 8, 2016

Elder Gibson left the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on Monday, March 7. He was able to find a pay phone and call us while he waited for his flight in Salt Lake City. We talked for about 20 minutes.

A few things he said: He was getting really tired of the MTC food to the point where he almost couldn’t eat it anymore! He told us about how 2 of his companions and 1 elder from his MTC district all left within the first 2 weeks of entering the MTC and that is was very interesting and kind of hard to adjust to each time. He felt really bad for those elders and hopes they can return on their missions. He was so excited to be headed to Argentina and said he wasn’t nervous. His MTC training prepared him to feel confident as he faces a new culture and language. He became emotional when we talked about his brother Wes and through tears told us to let Wes know the there is nothing he’d rather be doing right now. It was a great call!

We received this email on March 8 from Argentina:

Dear Gibson Family,

I am writing to inform you of the safe arrival of your son in the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission.  Attached here you will find a photograph of Elder Gibson with President and Sister Thurgood.  His trainer will be Elder Derbez and they are going to serve in the area of Las Flores B. Their preparation day will be every Monday and you can expect an email letter on that day.  

Thank you for sharing Elder Gibson with our mission.  We appreciate your support and also the fact that you have a son who wants to serve.  We will take good care of His!  God bless you.


Hermana Mitchell
Misión Argentina Buenos Aires Sur


I sent an email back asking about sending letters and packages and for the mission address. Here’s the response:

NO packages get through, sorry for this.  The office address is

MIsion  Argentina Buenos Aires Sur

Quintana 447

Adrogue 1846 Buenos Aires Argentina

Hermana Mitchell


Mision Argentina Buenos Aires Sur