Week 5: On My Way Out! March 1, 2016

Well that was quick. We got our travel plans on Friday. We leave Monday morning to fly to Atlanta, then from there strait to Buenos Aires. We will land around 9:30, and we will land in my mission. I know a few elders going to BAS as well, and most of my district is on the same flight. Super excited and ready to not be ready.

Great news, with tie trades and all I found out I currently have just barely enough ties to wear a different one every day in the MTC. Super excited about that.
We had a great Sunday devotional by Stephen B Allen , who is like the head of the Missionary committee or something, he talked about Repentance. A lot of elders were kinda complaining cuz he brought up some stuff that could be taken as akward and uncomfortable to hear, but I loved his message and I think a lot of it needed to be said.
New District came in on Wednesday, we got to show em around that night. They’re advanced and theyre all awesome. 2 elders and 3 sisters. The elders are in a different building though which is sad because we dont have the opportunity to get to know em as well. It also doesnt make sense cuz there’s like one other zone on our entire floor. Might be closing down our building, Dan Jones/15M, for the empty part of the year.
I love being the Zone Leader because I can see and feel the Lord working through me and blessing me to know who to assign and how to handle interviews and other things. It’s great and a huge testimony builder, and of course great preparation for the field.
I love you all and I love any communication, especially DEAR ELDERS. Favorite thing besides packages haha. Miss you guys, everyone give Winston a high five and knucks for me! And bretheren and father, help my mom! Help her clean or cook or take care of the small baby or whatever it may be! She’s the best.
Us and the new District.
The Zone as it is.
Our TRC ‘investigator’ Jose whose from Guatemala and is super awesome. We got to know him really well and see him around a lot. We didnt know it would be our last lesson but he was afraid of the idea of “Enduring to the End’ because we talked about baptism and because of what he had seen happen in other peoples lives after baptism. I was able to share my favorite scripture Helaman 5:12 and it was super good and emotional, for him especially.

Love you!

Elder Gibson
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