Week 4: Consistently Crazy, February 23, 2016

Well after the Trio left to Spain we thought it’d calm down here in the ol MTC, but it didnt. We got a new Elder who was here for 5 1/2 weeks and then went home for mental health reasons for 10 months but he’s back out and he’s on our schedule now! He will serve in the Boston Spanish Speaking mission. He’s a little crazy but we love him and like him.

And then another district in our zone left, who we were pretty close with. Did a couple big ‘ol Tie Swaps, me being the head player in all of it with my 40+ ties, no big deal, but it was all good. So yeah they left, it was a companionship of sisters, and two companionships of Elders, one being the Zone Leaders. So our Branch President, President Carpenter, asked me and Elder Gubler to be the new Zone Leaders. We can already feel the blessings and support from the Lord as were are looked to for answers and as examples, even though we still feel about as new as the newest District. IT’s crazy but it’s good! We had a Zone Devotional under my direction our first night as ZL’s which was super cool and we’re gunna do that here and there, when we can.
Also on Tuesday night Elder Rasband of the quorum of the Twelve came for the devotional! It was super awesome! He talked about the Holy Ghost and had us all read a talk given by him in April 2010 Priesthood Session and went around and had a bunch of random missionaries ask him questions about it. I was thinking about asking him some stuff but I didn’t.
Shout out to Kogan Lennedy for the dirtiest hair award, shout out to Calvin and Allison for being crazy dope together. Also huge shout out to Aunt Sam for a hilarious Dear Elder that I shared with my District! Thank you so much for that, I could picture everything and it was awesome and hilarious.
Countin down the days till we head to Argentina! It’s nuts. My friend from Boise Zach Wiberg just left to Argentina and I was able to hang out with him while we were here, it was awesome! His classroom was right above ours.
Well I love you all and I love what small taste of the work we get here. I love the Lord and I love how much he blesses undeserving old me with Spanish, Teaching Skills, Leading Skills, and health, though I have fallen a little ill these past few days. Only had to go to the ER twice.
I’m just kidding mom don’t worry.
Made a sauna in the showers. Every Monday from now on. It was amazing.

New and Old ZLs
Me and the Zwiberg
New welcoming text on the ZL Phone, one of the few things we can actually do on that phone other than change text color and recieve calls haha.

The Zone
So we made a sauna by duct taping bed sheets on the top of the walkway that leads into the showers. Worked like a charm. Was amazing. All the showers on full blast heat. PRobably not best in terms of water conservations, but the guy who had the idea is from California, so if he’s not concerned then neither am I.
Love you mom! Love you Win! You’re a true genius!

Love you!

Elder Gibson