Week 3: A Couple Years Down! February 16, 2016

So its only been a few weeks, which is crazy, cuz it feels way longer. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, we’re just in class for like 9-11 hours a day.

First of all I love my brother Alex and I had the God given blessing of seeing him on Wednesday the 10th last week. He is such an example and loving man and all you ought to get to know him, cuz he’s awesome. He also sent me a talk titled “The Fourth Missionary” which I have since read and it was truly inspiring and I am currently working on giving my will and heart, the only thing I have that the Lord does not, to the Lord so I can do his will and most effectively serve.
Secondly massive shoutout to 1. the Wilcox Family for the amazing care package from the Green Zone and for the email updates on the happenings of the family! and 2. my own family for the super awesome care package, of which I loved the snacks and the letters and everything. We actually are extremely overloaded in our dorm, 3 rooms have now passed on every snack theyve been passed and got their hands on to us as they have been leaving to the field or another MTC. We have a lot of food. I mean a lot. We also had a mini fridge but this guy stole it. He always comes in every week and suprises us with a room cleanliness evaluation. Apparently the minifridge was for ‘Medical Purposes Only’ according to the Judge of the Missionaries based on their dorms. Also according to a huge note on top.
Anyway, still loving it here and daily trying to improve on exact obedience, complete devotion, and focus on the work. A lot less distractions here than studying at home and whatnot, but no need to worry, I have the creative mind of a genius when it comes to anything but what matters.
I’m doing good though, I gave a lesson on sunday in District meeting on obedience and I’m still the go to guy for Spanish. I’m having fun, even if a little too much, and getting to know people.
I love you all and I miss you all and Im getting more and more excited for the work. The days are becoming identical and the time is speeding up, but everyday there’s improvement. Everyone give Win a big hug for me and show my mom extra love.
Me and Alex
Our district and these sisters who left yesterday for Panama, Hermanas Bradshaw, Newbold, Adamson, and Ramsey.
Me and Elders Buchanan and Shipman from the Zone.