Week 1: First week! February 2, 2016

Howdydo! Down here at the MTC we like to work real hard, so its good to sit back and reflect on our lives a bit. Within a couple days my first companion, this great guy named Elder Hendricks from Layton, Utah, who was called to Buenos Aires South also, went home. He had ADD and anxiety and of course home sickness, and he was having a very hard time learning the language, and I dont think it helped that I came in quite advanced in the language, so on Friday we went and he talked to a Branch President for a couple hours and came out and told me he was headed home. He left that night. Pray for him if you will! He wants to come back out ASAP, but he needs to overcome his anxiety. We are in class for around 11 hours almost daily.

But I love it here. I’m now in a trio with Elder Erickson from California, near Sacramento, called to Salta, Argentina and Elder Gubler from Las Vegas, who was called to Posadas, Argentina. We also have another trio in our district (our class, we do most everything together) who are Elder Kreutz, district leader, called to Barcelona, Spain, from Denver I think, Elder Bromley from somewhere in Utah, called to Barcelona also, and Elder Hair, called to Malaga, Spain. He’s from Utah also I believe. Then theres Hermanas Bass and Farber, I dont remember where theyre from but theyre going to Costa Rica, and then theres hermanas Highfill and Wanlass. Hermana Highfill was in my EFY group back in 2013 (I think thats when it was), and so we’re good friends, shes from Chicago, and Hermana Wanlass is actually 24 and was called as a nurse! Highfill is going to Salta and Wanlass is going to Posadas. I love our district, we have a ton of fun.
Thank you all for the birthday things!! Got all the Dear Elders and the Care Package on my birthday, which was awesome! I didnt think about it much all day and then I got a bunch of letters and food and things! Big shout out to my mom of course, Winston, Scoot, Ethyn (spelling?), and my two elder brothers, Nana and Grandpa Gibson, Grandma and Grandpa Ball, Aunt Charity, Jake and Natalie, and anyone who has emailed me thus far! All your love and support and prayers warms my heart and I love and miss all of you!
Its just me and my companions in our room, nowadays is like the lowest amount of people in MTC annually, yet the highest amount of sisters. Which is nice. We study alot, we teach alot of employed ‘investigators’, and the Spanish is coming along well! All the special classes (devotionals, films, other classes) are amazing! We were able to watch a talk given by Elder Bednar here some years ago called “Characteristics of Christ” which was amazing. I dont want to sound cocky, but I am so far the best at Spanish in the class, because of my previous studying of the language, so I am able to help out my classmates. The flipside of that is I dont work as hard as I should and some people are catching up haha. It’s all good.
I miss my family a lot, but I dont let it distract me. There’s other distractions for that. Like the fact that the desks have wheels. And my district is hilarious. But I love you guys and I appreciate the prayers and any emails. I especially appreciate Dear Elder letters, from dearelder.com. Those are the best ever. Heres some photographs, more to come in a separate email..
Las Hermanas of my district.
Me and some of my zone on a temple watch.
Provo Temple
Me and my district!
My companions, then me and Elder Ross from EFY, the Hermana Highfill, from the same EFY, then her companion.
We did a whole picture thing of me unloading my box but since I have so many pictures I’ll have to do that next week or in another email or something.
Love you all!
Elder Gibson



He then sent this:

Got to go to temple today! Was amazing, the Provo tepmle is so cool! Well I shouldnt be on here right now, but I love you and read Win the following:

Winston! I love you buddy. Keep being dope and hilarious and a genius and the flash. I would snuggle you for hours right now. Give mom a hug and punch Ethan in the shoulder for me would you? Love you buddy
Love you Mom!
Elder Gibson